Sicherheit geht vor: Tipps für den sicheren Umgang mit dem Gartentrampolin

Safety first: Tips for safe use of the garden trampoline

The trampoline for the garden Garden trampolines are a popular leisure activity for children and adults. Not only do they provide fun and entertainment, but...

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So misst du deine Herzfrequenz richtig und was ist die maximale Herzfrequenz.

This is how you measure your heart rate correctly and what is the maximum heart rate.

Good Morning, My name is Malte, your SportPlus expert. Welcome to a little theory lesson. Today I'll explain to you what maximum heart rate is...

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Muskelaufbau ohne Masseaufbau: Ein nachhaltiger und erreichbarer Ansatz
Krafttraining Trainingsmethoden

Building muscle without bulking up: A sustainable and achievable approach

Many people interested in building muscle often think of bulking and toning phases as the only way to achieve their goals. But there is also...

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Testosteron-Boost: Die besten Tipps für mehr Muskelaufbau

Testosterone boost: The best tips for building more muscle

Building muscle is an important goal for many people, be it for aesthetic reasons or to improve physical performance, and the hormone testosterone plays a...

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Valentinstag mal anders: Ideen für ein sportliches Date
Ernährung essen

Valentine's Day with a difference: ideas for a sporty date

Valentine's Day is a day when we celebrate our love and affection for each other. Traditionally, we often spend this day with a romantic dinner...

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Kraftsport für Anfänger: So startest du erfolgreich

Strength training for beginners: How to get started successfully

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to pay attention to your health and fitness. One way to achieve this is...

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Superfoods für Kraftsportler: Was Sie essen sollten und warum
Ernährung Superfoods

Superfoods for Strength Athletes: What You Should Eat and Why

Superfoods have become a popular topic in recent years, especially among athletes and athletes. These special foods are rich in nutrients and offer a variety...

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Kraftsport für Frauen: Warum es sich lohnt, Gewichte zu stemmen

Strength training for women: Why it's worth lifting weights

In today's world, weightlifting is often viewed as a form of exercise that is primarily done by men. But more and more women are recognizing...

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Krafttraining oder Cardio: Was ist effektiver?

Strength training or cardio: which is more effective?

There are numerous forms of exercise in the fitness world, each with their own benefits and goals. Among the most popular and effective methods are...

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