The power stations

Never choose between your home and the gym again

Your sofa is more comfortable than going to the gym?

Get your full-fledged gym in the comfort of your own four walls.

With the multi-gyms from SportPlus, you have to you no longer make any compromises.

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The perfect training bench

One bank for everything

Still looking for the bank you trust?

Then we have something for you.

With the weight bench from SportPlus you have a friend for each of your workouts.

Learn more about your advantages and click on "READ MORE"

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exclusive abdominal trainer

Make your abs burn

Finally get rid of annoying belly fat and strengthen your entire core.

With the SportPlus abdominal trainer you don't have to invest more than 10 minutes a day to get your muscles burning.

You want to integrate effective abdominal training into your everyday life?

⬇ Then click on the button ⬇

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The Battlerope

That's way too easy

Is this or something like that going through your mind when you think about the Battlerope?

Then you've never used it yourself.

The Battlerope allows you to do a variety of full-body workouts and is also the perfect addition to any endurance training.

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