abdominal trainer

1. Why do you need an abdominal trainer?

2. Types of abdominal trainers

3. Train properly with the abdominal trainer

4. Buying guide for abdominal trainer

5. This is what distinguishes the SportPlus abdominal trainer

A appealing six-pack is considered by many to be the ideal of beauty and stands for a perfectlytrained body. However, strong abdominal muscles not only look good, but also stabilize the torso and act as an opponent to the back muscles.

Would you like to specifically train your abdominal muscles, you are well advised to use an abdominal trainer. The devices are available in different versions, which differ slightly in terms of how they work. In the following we will go into the special features of the different models and help you to find the right abdominal trainer for at home.

An aesthetic six-pack is only visible if your body fat percentage is as low as possible . In order to boost your calorie consumption properly and thus lose excess fat deposits, you should work on your general fitness in addition to abdominal training. For this we can recommend one of our fitness machines for endurance training.

1. Why do you need an ab trainer at all?

Most people train their abdominal muscles with exercises such as sit ups, crunches or planks. Many do not even think about how the exercises are carried out correctly or which abdominal muscles are used and how much. When training on the yoga mat, wrong postures often occur, which can lead to incorrect straining.

Aabdominal trainer makes it easier to adopt the correct posture. Aids such as ergonomic grips and special pads for different parts of the body make it easier to carry out the various training measures correctly. In addition, the devices are designed so that you can use every part of your abdominal muscles. Other muscle groups are also strengthened at the same time, which ensures a holistic training effect.

If you want to work harder and get a real washboard abs, you have found the ideal partner for regular workouts in an abdominal trainer . The difficulty of the training can either be adjusted via the incline angle or results from the selected resistance - depending on how the abdominal trainer is designed!

Regular training is required to strengthen your abdominal muscles. However, you should not overdo it either. There should be a break of at least 48 hours between two intensive sessions. Otherwise your muscles have no opportunity to get bigger. You should allow at least 10 minutes for each unit.

2. Types of abdominal trainers - these types of devices are available

There are basically three different types of abdominal trainers, all of which are available from SportPlus. These are designated as follows:

abdominal trainermodelspecial featureabdominal trainer for pulling upSP-ALB-011-XSP-ALB-011SP-ALB-011-Rswivel knee pad, 4 incline angles, foldablenon-swivel knee pad, 4 incline angles, foldablenon-swivel knee pad, 4 incline angles, foldableSit Up BenchSP-SUB-001-Wincl.2 x 1.5 kg dumbbell seat abdominal trainerSP-ALB-0073 resistance springs for different training intensities

There are also some special devices that we will not go into in the following, because the areas of application are very limited, the execution can sometimes only be accomplished by experienced athletes or because they simply take up too much space. This includes, for example, the abdominal press known from the gym. The devices we present are suitable for every requirement - from beginners to professionals - and can also be used in small rooms.

Even if the pull-up bar is not an abdominal trainer in the narrower sense, it is ideally suited for particularly intensive abdominal muscle training. Here, the lower body is pulled towards the upper body while hanging, using the abdominal muscles. The legs can be stretched or bent.

2.1 Abdominal trainer for pulling up - effective and safe training method

Theabdominal trainer for pulling up is one of the most popular home exercise machines, as it activates different muscle groups at the same time. In addition, the abdominal trainer is suitable for pulling up for every fitness level, since the intensity can be adjusted via the inclination angle . To train on this ab trainer, you need to place your knees on the padded pads. Your hands grip the handles at the top. Now pull yourself up. After just a few repetitions, you will feel your abdominal muscles starting to work. During the movement, your back is also strengthened and you also ensure a slight training effect on your arms.

We have two different abdominal trainers on offer for you to pull up. We have a model with a flexible knee pad and a model with a fixed knee pad. The latter is available in two colors. The fixed variant is particularly suitable for beginners, while the flexible support demands more of the lateral abdominal muscles and general coordination.

2.2 Sit Up Bench – various exercises for a taut stomach

Unlike the abdominal trainer for pulling up, the abdominal muscle training on the sit up bench can be designed a little more freely. You can train both the upper, lower and side abs on the bench with separate exercises. The advantage is that you can always set new stimuli by varying the movements.

You can also make your training even more intense with additional weights. With dumbbells you provide additional resistance, which makes the workout more demanding and at the same time leads to strengthening of the arm muscles. The load level can also be varied depending on the training condition and daily form.

Our popular SportPlus Sit Up Bench (SP-SUB-001-W) has a stable metal frame and is equipped with a comfortable back pad. This makes training comfortable and fun every day. The scope of delivery also includes two 1.5-kilo dumbbells, which enable numerous effective exercises and increase the intensity of the training.

2.3 seated abdominal trainer - gentle training in comfortable position

With the abdominal trainer you can train your stomach and back at the same time. Training with such a device is considered to be friendly to the spine and enables exposure to different resistance levels. The desired effect is achieved by tilting back and straightening up.

The SportPlus SP-ALB-007 is an effective seated abdominal trainer that has three resistance levels and thus enables a targeted and individual workout. The back cushions are made of a pleasantly soft material and can also rotate. In this way, a massage effect is achieved, which rewards you for your efforts on the device.

3. Proper training with the abdominal trainer - that's what matters!

Regardless of the choice of device, there are a few basic principles that you should internalize in relation to abdominal muscle training in order to achieve the best possible training effect:

It's better to train slowly than fastAdjust a few repetitions and intensityPrevent one-sided stressPlan in phases of regeneration

If the exercises are carried out too hectically or with too much momentum, you risk improper strain on the muscles. Make it a point to do all the exercises "from the stomach" and not to overexert other muscle groups (e.g. the arms). Otherwise the desired training effect will not occur.

In this context, you should also choose a stress level that neither over- nor under-challenges. You should be able to do about 10-15 repetitions. If you don't feel any strain then, the training is too easy and the effect is too small. By adjusting the intensity (e.g. with weights), you can ensure that the training always remains challenging.

Training with the abdominal trainer often addresses at least the adjacent muscles, but it does It's not a full body workout. In order to prevent unilateral stress, you should therefore repeatedly train other muscle groups (e.g. the legs and shoulders). In addition, general endurance training to build fitness is part of it. In any case, you should never start training without a warm-up program. This can be achieved e.g. with a cross trainer, rowing machine or exercise bike.

We have already mentioned that you muscles Give time to regenerate so that they can grow at all. In addition, the high stress (especially in the beginning) can lead to sore muscles, which only heal properly if you allow yourself a little rest. Stretching and relaxation exercises (e.g. yoga) that improve your mobility and relieve the strained muscles are ideal as a balance.

4. Buying an abdominal trainer - you should pay attention to these characteristics

Now you know the different types of abdominal trainers and may have already focused on yourfavorite type. Before purchasing an abdominal trainer, you should also consider other aspects in order to be able to make the right purchase decision. The following criteria are particularly important:

Height and weightSize of the deviceFunctions and accessories

There is an indication for each abdominal trainer that explains the maximum user weight. People who weigh less than 100 kg will have no problems with an ab trainer. However, very heavy people should find out exactly whether their body weight can be carried.

The same applies to very tall people. As a rule, abdominal trainers are designed for a very wide group of people. If you are between 1.60 and 2 meters tall , you should not worry. If in doubt, our friendly customer support will be happy to help you if you are not sure whether the SportPlus device in question is designed for your body.

Thesize of the device is also a decisive purchase criterion, after all you want to set up the abdominal trainer at home. There must be enough space for this (e.g. in the bedroom). If you want to put the device away again after use, you should opt for a foldable model. Good to know: All SportPlus abdominal trainers can be folded up and thus stored to save space.

There is also a whole range of additional functions and accessories that are desirable and make training with the abdominal trainer even more effective , more comfortable or more versatile. The following list of features provides an overview of the properties that apply to top abdominal trainers:

Adjustable level of difficulty to adjust training intensityergonomic and padded covers, handles, etc.integrated training computer (e.g. for counting repetitions)simple construction of the devicehigh quality and durable Material-tested and standardized safetyAdditional accessories (e.g. training dumbbells)

Not all of the features mentioned are relevant for every type of abdominal trainer. With an abdominal trainer for pulling up, additional training dumbbells are of course not necessary. It is therefore essential to compare different devices based on the essential characteristics instead of getting lost in the details.

5. This is what distinguishes SportPlus abdominal trainers

In the SportPlus range you will find various abdominal trainers for home use, which enable effective training and are characterized by high processing quality. Our decades of experience in the home fitness sector are in every device, which is to your advantage.

Thanks to the smart design, you can set up the SportPlus abdominal trainer quickly and easily. Our devices can also be folded up and stowed away to save space, so that youdo not have to do without professional abdominal muscle training even in a small apartment.

In addition to thehigh quality and the t21>excellent price-performance ratio of our devices, we at SportPlus can always score with our great service. You can reach our friendly and competent customer service by phone or email. You are also welcome to ask for spare parts if individual components of your SportPlus abdominal trainer need to be replaced.