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With the perfect posture to stronger abdominal muscles...


Train your abdominal muscles with an abdominal trainer

Do you want to build attractive abdominal muscles and have a perfectly trained body? Toned abdominal muscles not only look good, they also strengthen your core and act as a counterpart to your back muscles.

If you want to specifically train your abdominal muscles, an abdominal trainer is the perfect choice. There are different models with different functions. Below we will go into the special features of the different abdominal trainers and help you find the right abdominal trainer for your home.

An aesthetic six-pack will only be visible if your body fat percentage is low. To increase your calorie consumption and lose excess fat, you should work on your general fitness in addition to abdominal training. We recommend one of our fitness machines for endurance training.

Why do you even need an abdominal trainer?

Most people train their abdominal muscles with exercises such as sit-ups, crunches or forearm planks. Many people do not pay attention to how the exercises are carried out correctly and which abdominal muscles are particularly stressed. When doing exercises on the yoga mat, incorrect postures often occur, which can lead to incorrect strain.

An abdominal trainer makes it easier to adopt the correct posture. With the help of ergonomic handles and special supports for different parts of the body, the correct execution of the exercises is made easier. The devices are also designed so that you can train all areas of your abdominal muscles. Other muscle groups are also strengthened, which leads to a holistic training effect.


If you want to work hard on yourself and get real washboard abs, an abdominal trainer is the ideal partner for your regular workout. The intensity of the training can either be adjusted via the incline angle or results from the selected resistance, depending on the design of the abdominal trainer!

Regular exercise is necessary to strengthen your abdominal muscles. However, you shouldn't overdo it. Between
After two intensive sessions, you should plan a break of at least 48 hours so that your muscles have time to grow. You should take at least 10 minutes per training session.

Types of abdominal trainers

Hey, are you interested in abdominal trainers? No problem! At SportPlus we basically offer three different types of abdominal trainers. Look, here they are:

Abdominal trainer for pulling up:

  • Model: SP-ALB-011-X Special feature: swiveling knee support, 4 inclination angles, foldable
  • Model: SP-ALB-011 Special feature:
    non-swivel knee support, 4 angles, foldable
  • Model: SP-ALB-011-R Special feature: non-swivelling knee support, 4 inclination angles, foldable

Sit-up bench:

  • Model: SP-SUB-001-W Special feature: angle, 2 x 1.5 kg dumbbells

Of course, there are also some special devices that we will not go into in detail here. These devices have very limited applications and sometimes require experience or take up too much space. An example of this is the abdominal press from the gym. However, the abdominal trainers we present are suitable for everyone, whether beginner or professional, and can also be used in small spaces.

Even if the pull-up bar is not an abdominal trainer in the strictest sense, it is ideal for particularly intensive abdominal muscle training. While hanging, you can pull your lower body towards your upper body using your abdominal muscles. You can keep your legs stretched or bent.

Abdominal trainer for pulling up

Effective and safe training method

Do you want to train effectively and safely at home? Then our abdominal trainer for pulling up is exactly the right device for you! With this training device, different muscle groups are activated at the same time, regardless of your fitness level. You can easily adjust the intensity of the training using the inclination angle.

To train with our pull-up ab trainer, place your knees on the comfortable padded supports and wrap the handles at the top. Then you pull yourself up. After just a few repetitions you will feel your abdominal muscles start to work. At the same time, you also strengthen your back and train your arms.

We offer two different models of pull-up abdominal trainers. One model has a flexible knee support, while the other has a fixed knee support. The latter is even available in two colors. The fixed version is particularly suitable for beginners, while the flexible support places greater demands on the lateral abdominal muscles and general coordination.

Discover our high-quality pull-up abdominal trainers now and start your effective home training! If you have any questions, our friendly team will be happy to help. Train from the comfort of your own home and achieve your fitness goals with our pull-up abdominal trainer.

The sit-up bench

Various exercises for a toned stomach

Unlike an abdominal trainer for pulling up, you can do your abdominal muscle training a little more freely on the sit-up bench. You can train the upper, lower and side abdominal muscles on the bench with separate exercises. A big advantage is that you can always create new stimuli by varying the movements.

You can also make your training even more intense with additional weights. With dumbbells you provide additional resistance, which makes the workout more demanding and at the same time strengthens the arm muscles. This means you can vary the level of stress depending on your training level and form on the day.

Our popular SportPlus sit-up bench (SP-SUB-001-W) has a sturdy metal frame and is equipped with a comfortable back cushion. This makes your training comfortable and fun day after day. The scope of delivery also includes two 1.5 kilo dumbbells, which enable numerous effective exercises and increase the intensity of your training.

The seated abdominal trainer

Gentle training in a comfortable position

With the seated abdominal trainer you can train your stomach and back at the same time. Training with such a device is considered to be spine-friendly and allows you to exercise with different resistance levels. By leaning back and straightening up you can achieve the desired effect.

The SportPlus SP-ALB-007 is an effective seated abdominal trainer that has three resistance levels and thus enables a targeted and individual workout. The back cushions are made of a pleasantly soft material and can also rotate. This also creates a massage effect that rewards you for your efforts on the device.

This is important!

Train properly with the abdominal trainer

  • Slow training is better than fast training.
  • Few repetitions and adjust intensity.
  • Avoid one-sided stress.
  • Plan regeneration phases.

If you perform the exercises too hectically or with momentum, you may put the wrong strain on your muscles. Perform the exercises consciously and in a controlled manner without putting too much strain on other muscle groups. Otherwise you will not achieve the desired training effect.

Choose a level of effort that is neither too easy nor too heavy for you. Around 10-15 repetitions should be possible. If you still don't feel any strain, the training is too easy. Adjust the intensity (e.g. with weights) to make the workout more challenging.

Training with the abdominal trainer often also uses neighboring muscles, but it is not a full-body workout. Avoid one-sided strain by specifically training other muscle groups (e.g. legs and shoulders). General endurance training is also important for building fitness. Don't forget to warm up before training, for example with an elliptical trainer, rowing machine or exercise bike.

Give your muscles enough time to regenerate so that they can grow. High levels of stress can lead to sore muscles, especially at the beginning, which can only be fully recovered through rest. Stretching and relaxation exercises such as yoga are ideal for improving your mobility and relieving strain on stressed muscles.

Buy an abdominal trainer

What to pay attention to?

  • Height and body weight
  • Size of the device
  • Features and accessories

The maximum user weight is an important information for abdominal trainers. People under 100 kg usually have no problems. However, heavy people should check whether the device can support their weight.

Most abdominal trainers are also suitable for tall people. As a rule, it fits people between 1.60 and 2 meters. If you are unsure, our customer support will be happy to help.


The size of the device is a crucial criterion. Make sure there is enough space. Foldable models can be stowed away to save space after use. All SportPlus abdominal trainers are foldable.

Additional functions and accessories make training more effective, comfortable and versatile. Here are some important features:

  • Adjustable difficulty level
  • Ergonomic and padded supports and handles
  • Integrated training computer
  • Easy construction
  • High quality and durable material
  • Certified safety
  • Additional accessories (e.g. training dumbbells)

Not all features are relevant for every abdominal trainer. Compare the key features of different devices and don't get too caught up in the details.

This is what sets SportPlus abdominal trainer apart

In the SportPlus range you will find various abdominal trainers for home use that enable effective training and are characterized by high quality workmanship. Every device contains our decades of experience in the home fitness sector, which is to your advantage.

Thanks to the smart design, you can set up the SportPlus abdominal trainer quickly and easily. Our devices can also be folded up and stored to save space, so you don't have to miss out on professional abdominal training even in a small apartment.