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Are you looking for the right accessories for your rowing machine? Whether floor protection mat, chest strap or balance board, we have something for you!

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Rudergerät mit Luftwiderstand & App-Kompatibilität SP-MR-010-iE SportPlus Snow/Sun

Rowing machine with air resistance & app compatibility

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Moderner Ruderergometer mit App-Kompatibilität SP-MR-030-iE SportPlus

Modern rowing ergometer with app compatibility

549,99 €

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Rudergerät für zuhause mit 8 Stufen & App-Steuerung SP-MR-008-B SportPlus All Black

Rowing machine with 8 levels & app compatibility

369,99 €

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Rowing training in your home

Find out all the tips and tricks about rowing training.

Rowing training at home

These types of rowing machines are available to you!

Would you like to combine strength training, calorie burning and endurance training in the comfort of your own home? Then the rowing machine is the ideal sports equipment for you! But in order to achieve the maximum training effect, it is important to know which rowing machine suits you best. Here are the different criteria you should consider:


Type of resistance

Which variant suits you?

To determine the intensity of your workout, every rowing machine requires resistance. While the type of resistance doesn't affect the effectiveness of your workout, it does have a big impact on how you feel when rowing. See what options you have:

Wasserrudergerät mit App-Kompatibilität SP-MR-012-iE SportPlus

Water resistance:

If you are looking for a particularly natural rowing experience, our rowing machine with water resistance is the right choice. Rowing on this device almost feels like you're actually rowing in the water. The resistance depends on the amount of water in the tank and increases with the strength of your rowing stroke.


Air resistance:

With our rowing machine with a turbine brake system, the level of difficulty increases due to the air turbulence that occurs when rowing. This gives you an even more authentic rowing feeling.

Magnetic brake system:

Here our rowing machine with magnetic braking system generates resistance by using a permanent magnet to brake the flywheel. So you have to use your strength to keep the flywheel moving despite the magnetic resistance. This system is considered wear-free and offers various setting options.

Type of training method

Which style suits you?

Not all rowing machines work on the same principle. An important difference lies in the training method, either cable pulley or side extensions. See which style suits you better:


Das Training mit unserem Rudergerät mit Seilzug-System eignet sich sowohl für Anfänger als auch für Fortgeschrittene. Du kannst hier kaum etwas falsch machen, da das Seil nur auf die richtige Weise nach hinten gezogen werden kann. Fehlbelastungen sind nahezu ausgeschlossen.

Seitliche Ausleger:

Rudergerät mit seitlichen Auslegern bieten dir ein besonders naturgetreues Rudergefühl. Beide Arme werden dabei individuell nach hinten geführt. Beachte jedoch, dass durch die Variation des Winkels der Seile auch das Risiko von Fehlbelastungen steigt.

Übrigens, bei SportPlus sind alle unsere Modelle mit dem Seilzug-System ausgestattet, um dir ein angenehmes und sicheres Training zu ermöglichen!

Digital or analogue training

It used to be cumbersome to manually adjust the resistance on rowing machines. Some models even required dismounting to set a new level. This made interval training difficult, for example.

But no worry! Our modern rowing machines have a training computer that enables digital control. You can easily adjust the resistance directly on the display and receive important performance data such as heart rate, rowing strokes per minute, calories burned and training duration.

Customer Happiness

At SportPlus we even offer rowing machines with app control. If you connect your smartphone or tablet, further options for training control and analysis open up.

But you can of course use our modern rowing machines at any time without an app. The decision is entirely up to you – digital or analogue training, depending on your preferences!

And if you still have questions, you can simply contact our customer service. We are happy to be there for you!