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Our SportPlus Academy gives you the right input you need for your training .

In our fitness magazine, we take a close look at fitness trends , debunk persistent myths and introduce you to our devices . You can also discover training plans and motivating challenges here.

Also become part of the Plus Club , win prizes and help us to keep getting better.


Too little time for a healthy life?

Whether nutrition , sport or life hacks, we inform you - briefly and compactly - about everything that makes a healthy life.

Get the most out of yourself with our help!

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Trends & things worth knowing

Alternative zu Flexispot, Desktronic oder Maidesite
Abnehmen Fitness Gesundheit Home Office Produktberatung vorsätze

Alternative to Flexispot, Desktronic or Maidesite

Vegan ernähren & Sport treiben: Passt das zusammen?
Abnehmen Ernährung Fitness

Eating vegan & exercising: does that go together?

Warum 10.000 Schritte am Tag gehen? Das steckt hinter der magischen Zahl!
Fitness Laufen Trainingspläne

Why walk 10,000 steps a day? That's behind the magic number!

Fitnesstrend HIIT: Was ist das?
Fitness Produktberatung Trainingspläne

Fitness trend HIIT: What is it?

Stay Home Stay Fit - 5 Gründe, wieso es sich zuhause am besten trainiert
Gesundheit Home Office Produktberatung

Stay Home Stay Fit - 5 reasons why training is best at home

Introducing our fitness coaches

Malte & Raoul in Hafencity

It's finally here .

Our two fitness coaches Raoul & Malte explain tips & tricks for your training.

Through many years of experience as a personal trainer, they have extensive know-how.

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