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1. Different types of exercise bikes - you should know these differences

The exercise bike - sweating at home on the fitness bike

1. Different Types of Exercise Bikes

2. Training on the exercise bike

3. You should pay attention to this when buying an exercise bike

4. SportPlus: We have the right exercise bike for you

The classic exercise bike has established itself as one of the most popular devices for endurance exercises at home. There are many different types of fitness bikes, with which you not only train your leg muscles, but also create effective endurance and weight loss training.

At SportPlus you will find the right device for you in a large selection of exercise bikes!

The term exercise bike is used in many ways. We define the exercise bike as a piece of fitness equipment that has pedals and is used like a bicycle. However, the term is also often used as an umbrella term for a whole range of home fitness equipment (cross trainers, steppers, rowing machines, etc.).

Bike exercise bikes all work more or less on the same principle. However, there are also differences between the various models. The main differences are based on the following criteria:

+ sitting position during use

+ flywheel mass and brake system

+ foldability and transport rollers

+ training computer and functions

1.1 Sitting position during use

The sitting position is slightly different on each exercise bike. The saddle can usually be adjusted so that you can easily reach the pedals. You should feel like sitting on the exercise bike like on your bike. The legs should therefore not be bent too much. As with a bicycle, you also have a "handlebar" on the exercise bike on which you place your hands. When training on the exercise bike for a long time, it is sometimes relaxing to leave this position and ride "hands-free". Some models offer special handles next to the saddle that allow you to pedal in an upright position.

Adopting different positions on the home trainer prevents incorrect strain and also ensures that different muscle groups are addressed during training. This results in a more holistic training effect.

To find the right position on the home trainer, a backrest can be helpful. In addition, it ensures more safety and also increases comfort, so that you can train on your fitness machine day after day,

Folding fitness bikes with backrest: SP-HT-1003//SP-HT-1004-iE

Recumbent exercise bike with backrest: SP-RB-9500-iE//SP-RB-9900-iE

1.2 Flywheel mass and brake system

The heart of the home trainer is the so-called flywheel. This is a weight that is kept in motion during training. The heavier the flywheel, the smoother pedaling usually feels. The so-called flywheel mass is obtained by adding the weight of the flywheel to the weight of other elements that are in motion during training. Each manufacturer sees what exactly counts differently. We at SportPlus want to provide a transparent picture and not artificially increase our flywheel mass!

Warning! It is not expedient to use only the flywheel mass as a comparison criterion when it comes to comfort on the home trainer. The quality of the pedals, the crank, the belt pulley and many other components also have an influence. In addition, you should not compare models from different manufacturers based on this specification, which can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

The intensity of the exercise - i.e. the degree of difficulty of the training - can be regulated with most home trainers via so-called resistance levels. Some devices also allow an almost infinitely variable resistance setting by specifying a wattage. These home trainers are called ergometers.

In practice, a manual system for setting the resistance is sufficient, especially for beginners, to complete an effective workout. However, if you want to train as precisely as possible, you are better advised to use an ergometer. At SportPlus we have both models on offer for you: ergometers and manually adjustable home trainers.

In order to set the desired resistance, the flywheel built into the home trainer must be braked. Some cheap band brake systems are available on the market, but they are friction-intensive and wear out over time. The so-called magnetic brake system has therefore become established in home trainers.

With our SportPlus home trainers, we rely on particularly quiet and maintenance-free magnetic brake systems. The flywheel is braked by a magnet that can be adjusted to different strengths. The resistance is either set via the computer or manually with a rotary knob. This is also possible at any time during training.

1.3 Foldability and transport wheels

Integrating a fitness device into everyday life is sometimes not the case easy. Even if an exercise bike is generally not a particularly large piece of sports equipment, foldable models are very popular. At SportPlus you will find a good selection of foldable exercise bikes that can be stowed away to save space. But we have also designed our non-foldable devices to be as compact as possible.

Some of our devices are also equipped with transport rollers. This means they can be easily moved from A to B when they are not needed. The somewhat heavier, non-foldable models in particular thus gain in comfort.

1.4 Training computers and programs

Modern home trainers are typically equipped with equipped with a computer that provides information about the current training at any time. Data can be read on the display that provides information about the workout. This is, for example, the following information:

+ duration of training

+ distance covered

+ calories burned

+ revolutions per minute

+ current heart rate

There are also models that have pre-installed training programs and thus enable, for example, a varied interval workout or select the resistance to match the target heart rate. The prerequisite for this is that the computer can regulate the resistance.

Some of our home trainers can be connected to our in-house app to get even more information about the workout and unlock additional training options. Each calorie burned can be synced to the app on the smartphone. Of course, training is also possible without an app

2. Training on the exercise bike - these are the options

Before you start training, you must make sure that you can sit comfortably on the device. To do this, the seat may need to be adjusted so that you can pedal comfortably and don't have to bend your legs.

2.1 Home trainer to lose weight: how many calories does the workout burn?

The number of calories burned on the home trainer naturally depends on the resistance level set and the cadence (revolutions per minute).In order to lose as much weight as possible, you should choose a rather low level of resistance and aim for a higher cadence. This way you don’t have to use too much strength and can train longer.

With a low resistance level and high cadence you can do around 400 to 600 Calculate calories burned per hour. With a high resistance level and constant cadence, you burn up to 900 kcal per hour. However, it is very difficult to keep up this load for 60 minutes (or longer).

2.2 This is how effective training on the exercise bike is

Even though you can assume different positions on the exercise bike (leaning forward or sitting upright), not all the muscles of the body can be trained on a fitness bike. You get the power to pedal from the leg muscles, which are specifically strengthened by this training.

The home trainer is of course still very suitable for building endurance and losing excess pounds. Precisely because you can take a seated position, many people find training on the home trainer very pleasant and therefore last a long time.

2.3 Determine the load and training duration correctly

When you train on the bike, you always have to keep an eye on your cadence in addition to the resistance level. There are basically two ways to control the load on the exercise bike: constant training or interval training.

Constant training

Target at constant training is maintaining a certain load composed of resistance and cadence. You can keep an eye on your training progress, how your heart rate develops from training to training and whether after a while you no longer get out of breath so quickly.

Interval training

With interval training you try to incorporate stress and relaxation phases into your training. For example, you can ride 5 minutes at a low load level and then push yourself to the limit for 2.5 minutes at a high load level. You then return to the low level of exertion.

Regardless of which goal you are pursuing, you should never start your training directly with a high level of exertion. Give your body a few minutes to warm up and gradually increase the resistance level to the desired level.

3. You should pay attention to this when buying an exercise bike

When choosing your exercise bike, you should think carefully about which functions are particularly important for you in order to achieve your training goal. But the range of functions of a device does not alone determine your success in endurance training.

In addition to the equipment and functions of the home trainer, individual factors such as body size and weight are also decisive. The size of the exercise bike and the space available in your home also play a role in the decision-making process. There are also other features that apply to many of the SportPlus exercise bikes.

3.1 Height and body weight

As a rule, exercise bikes are for one person designed for a large group of users. People who are between 1.60 and 1.85 meters tall can train on most machines without restrictions. At SportPlus there are also some exercise bikes that can be used up to a height of 2.20 meters. You can find exact information in the respective detailed description of our products.

Heavy people with more than 100 kg can also use an exercise bike. Some SportPlus exercise bikes are suitable for people weighing 110, 130 or even 150 kg.So practically everyone can work on their fitness with our devices at home

3.2 Size of the exercise bike

The dimensions of the exercise bike are of course a factor that can influence the purchase decision. Compared to other fitness equipment, however, bicycles are still quite space-saving. For people who have a particularly small amount of space, our foldable models are an excellent choice. These can be stowed away to save space after use.

If you simply cannot find space to integrate a large exercise bike in your home, you can also choose the SportPlus leg trainer. The compact device can be placed under the desk, for example, and enables effective training with 8 resistance levels.

3.3 Equipment and functions of the home trainer

The SportPlus exercise bikes are all equipped with a decent balance mass, which ensures a very smooth movement. So you can look forward to a comfortable workout that feels very natural. There are also other features that apply to most of our home trainers:

+ training computer (some with electronic resistance control, preinstalled + training programs and app support)

+ holder for a tablet on the training computer

+ hand pulse sensors for heart rate measurement or pulse measurement via chest strap

+ comfortable and adjustable saddle

+ handles on the side of the saddle

+ Comfortable backrest

+ Poly-V belt drive for particularly quiet training

+ extra non-slip pedals with belts

+ practical transport wheels or foldable structure

+ and much more!

You also have to make the important decision whether you prefer a ergometer or a manually adjustable exercise bike. With a SportPlus ergometer, your training is supplemented with preset training programs, among other things, and is even more professional. To get started, however, a normal exercise bike is sufficient for beginners to work up a sweat.

Tip: It is best to find out more about the special features of the individual models on the respective product detail page after you have clarified which properties you particularly like are important. You're guaranteed to find your favorites quickly!

4.SportPlus: We have the right exercise bike for you!

So that you can compare our exercise bikes better, we have created two overviews for you: SportPlus exercise bike and foldable SportPlus exercise bike. Our fitness bikes are characterized by high quality and with the spare parts service from SportPlus you can easily replace wearing parts.

We are absolute experts in the field of home fitness. That's why we not only offer you a large selection of exercise bikes, we are also at your side with advice and action! Contact our experienced customer service to find out more about our ergometers and fitness bikes. We're sure to find the right model for you.

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