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Joint-friendly strength and endurance training with the fitness trampoline

Trampolining is not only a nostalgic activity, but has also established itself as an efficient workout.

From childhood to adulthood:

Why trampoline jumping is still exciting.

Do you remember how much fun you had jumping on trampolines as a child?

We have great news for you:
Trampolining is not only a nostalgic activity, but has also established itself as an efficient workout . With a special fitness trampoline you can get going and use up to 400 muscles in your body at the same time . No wonder the calorie consumption is impressive : you can burn up to 750 kcal per hour on a mini trampoline.

Interesting fact: Although working out on a fitness trampoline is intensive for the muscles, it is gentle on the joints - especially models with rubber rope suspension .


Compared to jogging, the impact forces are absorbed more gently when jumping on a trampoline. Trampoline workouts are full-body, high-intensity interval training that improves cardiorespiration, muscle tone, bone density, and burns lots of calories. The up and down movement also strengthens the core muscles and improves balance, coordination and flexibility over time.

Below we will introduce you to this ingenious and compact piece of sports equipment , which actually deserves much more attention long ago. Trampolining is a highly effective, full-body workout that is fun and perfect for at home. With a fitness trampoline you can improve your endurance and flexibility, burn fat and build muscles . Trampolining or “ rebounding ” is a sport for young and old that strengthens your entire body . Get in and get your youth back !
Your body and mind will thank you.