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Suitable accessories

Are you looking for the right accessories for your fitness trampoline? Whether floor protection mat, chest strap or balance board, we have something for you!

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Joint-friendly strength and endurance training with the fitness trampoline

Trampolining is not only a nostalgic activity, but has also established itself as an efficient workout.

From childhood to adulthood:

Why trampoline jumping is still exciting.

Do you remember how much fun you had jumping on trampolines as a child?

We have great news for you:
Trampolining is not only a nostalgic activity, but has also established itself as an efficient workout . With a special fitness trampoline you can get going and use up to 400 muscles in your body at the same time . No wonder the calorie consumption is impressive : you can burn up to 750 kcal per hour on a mini trampoline.

Interesting fact: Although working out on a fitness trampoline is intensive for the muscles, it is gentle on the joints - especially models with rubber rope suspension .


Compared to jogging, the impact forces are absorbed more gently when jumping on a trampoline. Trampoline workouts are full-body, high-intensity interval training that improves cardiorespiration, muscle tone, bone density, and burns lots of calories. The up and down movement also strengthens the core muscles and improves balance, coordination and flexibility over time.

Below we will introduce you to this ingenious and compact piece of sports equipment , which actually deserves much more attention long ago. Trampolining is a highly effective, full-body workout that is fun and perfect for at home. With a fitness trampoline you can improve your endurance and flexibility, burn fat and build muscles . Trampolining or “ rebounding ” is a sport for young and old that strengthens your entire body . Get in and get your youth back !
Your body and mind will thank you.

Condition of the jumping surface

The size and material of the jumping surface are crucial factors when choosing an indoor trampoline .

The effective jumping surface diameter tells you the usable space without the frame . The larger your effective diameter, the more comfortable jumping will feel. Mini trampolines usually have an effective jumping surface between 90 and 120 cm. Nevertheless, a compact jumping surface is completely sufficient to carry out all common fitness exercises . Small trampolines require less space and can therefore fit into smaller rooms. Our fitness trampolines have a jumping surface of 95cm . Pay attention to how the diameter is stated. Sometimes the trampoline diameter is specified including the frame, which makes the actual jumping surface appear smaller.

Summary: Choose an indoor trampoline with a non-slip jumping surface made of high-quality material - larger is usually more comfortable, but smaller models are more space-saving.

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Grab bar or hands free

Jumping on a trampoline is a great way to train your balance . However, if you haven't exercised for a long time or still have some respect for fitness equipment, a model with a support bar may be a good choice for you.

Such a support bar is usually attached to the side of the trampoline and you can grip it tightly with both hands. Using a handrail can be very comfortable for you, especially for more complex exercises that go beyond just jumping.

At SportPlus we offer both trampolines with a handrail and trampolines on which you can always jump hands-free. At
In models with a handrail, this can be adjusted and adjusted to your size to ensure maximum comfort for you.

In summary, trampolines with a handrail offer advantages for beginners or people looking for stability, while models without a handrail allow for an advanced workout - but both options have their place.

Höhenverstellbares Fitness Trampolin SP-T-110 SportPlus

Type of suspension

The type of suspension is crucial to being able to jump on the trampoline. It absorbs the force of the jump and then releases it again, creating the desired trampoline effect. Fitness trampolines can currently be divided into two main categories:

  • Fitness trampolines with steel springs
  • Fitness trampolines with rubber ropes

The version with steel springs is cheaper, but the joint-friendly effect is not as pronounced . Steel springs are durable, but provide a rather hard bounce feeling . If you have back or joint problems , you should definitely choose a trampoline with rubber ropes .

Fitness trampolines with rubber ropes, on the other hand, offer you particularly soft suspension and can often be individually adjusted to your own body weight . They are also quieter in operation , which is an important aspect for many users. Another factor you should consider when choosing suspension is maintenance. Steel springs can rust over time and require regular care to extend their lifespan. Bungee cords tend to require less maintenance , but can lose elasticity over time and may need to be replaced.

Did you know already?

At SportPlus you can also find suitable spare parts for your trampoline. Worn rubber cords or springs can be replaced, eliminating the need to purchase expensive new ones . It is important to regularly check the condition of the suspension to ensure the safety and functionality of your fitness trampoline .


Beginne dein Training immer mit einem angemessenen Aufwärmen, um Verletzungen vorzubeugen und deinen Körper auf die bevorstehende Belastung vorzubereiten. Leichte Übungen wie lockeres Hüpfen oder Laufen auf der Stelle können als Aufwärmphase dienen.


Achte auf eine korrekte Technik bei den Übungen, um das Verletzungsrisiko zu minimieren und die Effektivität des Trainings zu maximieren. Halte deinen Körper aufrecht, die Knie leicht gebeugt und die Füße parallel zueinander.


Integriere verschiedene Übungen in dein Training, um unterschiedliche Muskelgruppen zu beanspruchen und das Workout interessanter zu gestalten. Beispiele für Übungen sind Knieheben, Hampelmänner, seitliche Sprünge oder Sprünge mit Drehungen.


Passe die Intensität deines Trainings an deine individuellen Bedürfnisse und Fitnessziele an. Du kannst beispielsweise die Sprunghöhe, die Geschwindigkeit oder die Anzahl der Wiederholungen variieren, um die Intensität zu steigern oder zu reduzieren.


Um optimale Ergebnisse zu erzielen, solltest du regelmäßig auf dem Sport-Trampolin trainieren. Plane mindestens zwei bis drei Trainingseinheiten pro Woche ein, um kontinuierliche Fortschritte zu erzielen.


Achte während des Trainings auf deine Sicherheit. Stelle sicher, dass das Trampolin stabil und rutschfest ist und genügend Platz um das Trampolin herum vorhanden ist, um Stürze zu vermeiden.


Running in place:

Jog in place, varying your speed. Make sure you also actively use your arms.

Normal jumps:

Place your legs hip-width apart and jump up and down. Depending on which muscles you want to train, you can bend your knees deeply or just slightly.


Stand on the trampoline and lift one leg forward. Then move the leg backwards in a semicircle and bring it forward again. Then switch sides and repeat the movement.


Stand on the trampoline and jump quickly and rhythmically. Alternately lift your heels. Maintain good posture, slightly tense your abdominal muscles and focus on leg muscles and stability. Increase speed for more intensity.


Stand upright on the trampoline and lift your heels so that you are only standing on your tiptoes. Hold this position for a few seconds and then lower your heels back down. Focus on your calf muscles and maintain balance while performing the exercise.


Squats on the trampoline: Stand upright on the trampoline, bend your knees and lower your body. Then push yourself up using your legs to return to the upright position. Repeat the movement. Maintain your body tension and make sure that your knees stay over your toes.


For an effective workout on the fitness trampoline, plan at least 20-30 minutes . Of course, you can also train longer to make the workout even more intense. Make sure to regularly incorporate new exercises into your workout to constantly challenge your body and avoid plateaus. Our brain identifies recurring stimuli that affect the body and classifies them as given in order to expend no or only minimal energy on processes that are already known. If you run out of breath in between, return to gentle rocking. As long as your body stays moving, you continue to burn calories.

what do you train with the trampoline?

Calorie consumption and muscle groups trained

Trampoline training is an effective way to exercise your entire body. The calorie consumption depends largely on the intensity of your movements. You can burn up to 750 kcal in an hour of exercise. However, this also requires a correspondingly high level of effort. If you're just jumping lightly in place, you're more likely to end up with 300 to 400 calories per hour. Every jump requires energy from your entire body, and every time you land, your core has to stabilize your body and is active. However, your legs and buttocks experience the greatest strain.

But trampoline training doesn't just train your legs and buttocks. Your core, arms and shoulders are also active and strengthened. The constant movements on the trampoline also improve your coordination and balance.

Since trampoline training involves working exclusively with your own weight, overloading is much less likely than training with weights. However, the fitness trampoline is not particularly suitable for building muscle mass. You are not training your maximum strength, but your endurance. This will of course help you lose excess fat and make your body fitter overall. However, if your goal is to build impressive muscles, you should do targeted strength training after the trampoline fitness program.

To make trampoline training more varied and target different muscle groups, you can also integrate exercises with dumbbells or resistance bands. You can also increase the load on different muscle groups by varying the jumps and intensity of the training. This is how you can make the most of trampoline training to keep your body fit and healthy.

When buying a fitness trampoline, you should also consider your own weight and height. If you are a very heavy person, you should pay close attention to the specification of the respective model. Trampolines with rubber ropes are designed for lower maximum loads, while trampolines with steel springs can potentially carry more weight. However, they are not as gentle on the joints. If you are heavier, you should choose a trampoline with rubber ropes, as it is easier on your joints.

Even very tall people have to be careful. With a normal ceiling height (approx. 2.40 meters) and normal height of the trampoline (approx. 30 centimeters), even tall people (ie < 2.00 meters) should not have any problems. However, if the ceiling is significantly lower (e.g. in the basement), jumping can become difficult. If you're tall, you may also want to consider a wider jumping surface. A shoulder-width stance, which is required for most exercises, is otherwise not so comfortable.

There are also trampolines that are specifically designed for heavier people or taller people. These usually have a higher maximum load and a larger jumping surface. So if you are heavier or taller people, you should look for such models.

Our SportPlus Fitness trampolines are designed for a maximum user weight of 130 kilograms. The high-quality rubber ropes used have a load capacity of up to 130 kilograms.

For beginners in trampoline fitness, it is advisable to choose a model with a support bar, as this makes many exercises easier and provides a safer feeling. However, if you feel ready, you can also train without a bar. Especially if you are older and want to work on your physical condition, you should make sure that the trampoline is not too high. This makes climbing up and down easier.

As you gain experience, you can opt for a smaller model without a handrail to increase your alertness and coordination during complex exercises. However, it's important to only perform exercises that you feel confident doing. Especially with models without a support bar, you should try out new training methods carefully, don't experiment too much and don't overwhelm yourself.

Start with simple jumps and exercises and only increase the difficulty slowly. Listen to your body and reduce intensity or take breaks if you feel fatigue or pain.

To assess the quality of a trampoline, there are some important factors you should consider. As previously mentioned, trampolines with bungee cords are generally safer than those with steel springs. Also pay attention to test marks and certificates that allow conclusions to be drawn about the safety of the trampoline.

Look for the CE mark , which indicates that the manufacturer follows various European guidelines, and the GS/TÜV certificate , which indicates that the trampoline has been intensively tested for safety.

In addition to the test marks and certificates, you should also pay attention to the quality of the trampoline’s components. Look for sturdy and durable materials that can withstand the demands of regular use. Good padding and a stable frame construction are also important factors that influence the safety and durability of the trampoline.

In summary , the quality of a trampoline depends on various factors. Look for test marks and certificates, robust materials and a stable frame construction to ensure you get a safe and long-lasting trampoline. You can rely on the fact that all SportPlusFitness trampolines are GS/TÜV certified and have been assessed positively in extensive tests. So you can jump on it without hesitation and be confident in your safety.

Was macht SportPlus Trampoline besonders?

Bei SportPlus haben wir das Trampolin als hervorragendes Fitnessgerät erkannt und eine Vielzahl von Modellen entwickelt, um sicherzustellen, dass auch das perfekte Trampolin für dich dabei ist. Lass uns genauer darauf eingehen, was SportPlus Trampoline besonders macht:

Vielfalt an Modellen:

Wir verstehen, dass du individuelle Vorlieben und Anforderungen hast. Deshalb bieten wir sowohl faltbare als auch nicht-faltbare Trampoline an. Ob du ein Trampolin benötigst, das einfach verstaut und transportiert werden kann, oder eine stationäre Option bevorzugst, wir haben für dich etwas dabei.

Top Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis:

Wir sind der Überzeugung, dass jeder Zugang zu hochwertigen Fitnessgeräten haben sollte, ohne dabei dein Budget zu sprengen. Deshalb bieten unsere SportPlus Trampoline ein außergewöhnliches Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Du kannst eine erstklassige Qualität und Funktionen zu einem erschwinglichen Preis erwarten.

Betonung von Qualität und Sicherheit:

Sicherheit hat für uns oberste Priorität. Alle SportPlus Trampoline unterliegen umfangreichen Tests und erfüllen die GS/TÜV-Sicherheitsstandards. Diese Zertifizierung stellt sicher, dass unsere Trampoline strenge Sicherheitskriterien erfüllen und du während deiner Workouts beruhigt sein kannst.

Technologische Fortschritte:

Unsere SportPlus Fitness Trampoline sind mit den neuesten technologischen Funktionen ausgestattet, um dein Trainingserlebnis zu verbessern. Von fortschrittlichen Federungssystemen bis hin zu stabilen Rahmenkonstruktionen legen wir Wert auf Innovation und Qualität in unseren Trampolindesigns.

Kundenzufriedenheit steht an erster Stelle:

Bei SportPlus legen wir großen Wert auf die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden. Wir bieten einen erstklassigen Kundenservice, der dir bei Fragen, Anliegen oder Problemen zur Seite steht. Deine Zufriedenheit ist uns wichtig, und wir tun unser Bestes, um sicherzustellen, dass du mit deinem Trampolin und deiner Erfahrung mit SportPlus rundum zufrieden bist.

Hochwertige Gummiseile:

Für die Federung verwenden wir ausschließlich hochwertige Gummiseile. Im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Stahlfedern bieten elastische Seile mehrere Vorteile. Sie sorgen für einen kontrollierten und reaktionsfähigen Sprung, verringern die Belastung auf deine Gelenke und minimieren das Verletzungsrisiko. Sollte eines der Gummiseile nach intensiver Nutzung ausleiern oder beschädigt werden, kannst du problemlos Ersatzseile mit unterschiedlichen Widerstandsstufen bestellen, um dein Training individuell anzupassen.

SportPlus Trampoline bieten dir eine einzigartige Möglichkeit, deine Heimtrainingseinheiten aufzuwerten und dabei Spaß zu haben. Ob du Anfänger oder Fortgeschrittener bist, wir haben das perfekte Trampolin, das deinen Bedürfnissen entspricht. Mit unserem Engagement für Qualität, Sicherheit und Innovation kannst du SportPlus vertrauen, dir das beste Trampolin für deine Fitnessziele zu bieten.