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A trampoline is a piece of sports equipment that consists of a jumping mat and a frame. It is often placed outdoors and is used for exercise and fun.

A trampoline in the garden offers many advantages. It promotes physical fitness and coordination, strengthens the immune system and improves posture. It's also a great way to get kids off the couch and playing outside in nature.

The size of the trampoline depends on the number of users and the space available in the garden. For a family with children, a trampoline with a diameter of 3-4 meters is usually sufficient.

A trampoline in the garden can be safe if certain safety precautions are taken. These include a safety net, a padded frame cover and a non-slip jumping mat. In addition, children should always jump under adult supervision.

A trampoline in the garden should be cleaned and maintained regularly. This includes removing dirt and leaves from the jumping mat and frame and checking safety precautions. In winter, the outdoor trampoline should be dismantled and stored in a dry place.

Do your children just sit in front of the console?

Backyard trampolines are a great way to get kids off the couch and outside. In this article we will explore the different aspects of trampolines in the garden and why they offer an ideal way to motivate children to play and exercise outdoors.

Why outdoor exercise is important

Outdoor exercise has many benefits for children. On the one hand, it promotes physical health because children can improve their endurance, strength and coordination while playing on the trampoline. In addition, outdoor exercise also has positive effects on children's mental health. Studies have shown that children who play outside regularly have a lower risk of depression and anxiety. Playing outside also gives children the opportunity to develop social skills and make new friends.

Outdoor trampoline

An outdoor trampoline for kids is a great way to have fun while staying fit. There are many different types of trampolines, from small, portable models to large, fixed garden trampolines. No matter what type of trampoline you choose, it offers a variety of benefits. For example, jumping on a trampoline can help improve coordination and balance, increase endurance, and strengthen muscles. Plus, it's a fun activity for the whole family and can be enjoyed alone or with friends. However, it is important to ensure that the trampoline is properly installed and maintained to avoid injury.

Setting up your garden trampoline

Setting up a trampoline in the garden requires a few steps to ensure it is safe and stable. First, you should choose the right location and make sure the ground is level. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and take all safety precautions, such as installing the safety net and checking the jumping mat for damage. Don’t forget to check and maintain the trampoline regularly to ensure its longevity.

Trampoline exercises for children:

Fun and fitness combined

Trampolines offer a great way for children to have fun while improving their fitness. There are many simple exercises that children can do on the trampoline to improve their endurance, strength and coordination. For example, they can bounce on the trampoline, do squats or try out different jumps. These exercises are not only good for children's physical health, but are also fun and motivate them to jump.

Motivate children to jump on the trampoline

Sometimes kids need a little extra motivation to jump on the trampoline. One way is to give them goals and create challenges. For example, you can encourage them to do a certain number of jumps or somersaults. Another option is to make trampoline jumping a social activity by inviting friends to jump together. Children often have more fun and are more motivated when they play with others.

Trampolines as an alternative to screen time

At a time when children are spending more and more time in front of screens, trampolines can be a healthy alternative to passive leisure activities. Instead of watching TV or playing video games for hours, children can jump on the trampoline and get some physical activity. Not only does this benefit their physical health, but it also helps stimulate their creativity and imagination.

Trampolines as social play equipment:

Invite friends to jump together

Trampolines provide a great way for children to socialize and make new friends. By inviting your children's friends to jump on the trampoline together, you create a fun and active environment for social interactions. You can also organize games where the children can jump together and have fun.

Winter care for your outdoor trampolines

To ensure that your trampoline lasts for many years, it is important to store and care for it properly during the winter months. First, you should clean and dry the trampoline thoroughly to prevent mold from forming. You should then store it in a dry place, such as a garage or shed. Don't forget to check the trampoline regularly and make any repairs if necessary before setting it up again in the spring.


Outdoor trampolines offer many benefits for children and the whole family. They promote physical health, mental health and social interaction. By purchasing or renting a trampoline, you can give your children a fun and active way to get outdoors. Remember to choose the right size for your garden and set up the outdoor trampoline safely. Motivate your children to jump and enjoy the shared benefits of outdoor trampolines.