Leg trainer, stepper, desk bike, walking pad, tables, inversion bench & fan

Devices for your (home) office

The Walking Pad - every journey starts with a step

Do you want to integrate sport into your everyday life, but don't know how to combine it with your work? With our walking band you'll have no problems getting the magical 10,000 steps a day...

The mini exercise bike - a super weapon against little exercise

Are you sitting in the office too much? We know the problem. For a long time we have made it our mission to bring some sport into your life. With our trio of leg trainer, stepper and desk bike, you don't even have to leave the office...

The height-adjustable desk - your companion at eye level

Do you also have back problems? Then you're like so many people. Constant sitting is often the reason for this. With the height-adjustable desk, this is no longer a problem...

Höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch mit 3-Fach-Teleskop SP-AT-500 SportPlus Schwarz
Höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch mit 2-Fach-Teleskop SP-AT-100 SportPlus Schwarz

The inversion bench - escape gravity for once

Do you often suffer from back pain, headaches or neck problems? With very easy operation, you can relieve your entire body within seconds and thus promote your health...

The right accessories for your office products

If you are still looking for the right floor protection mat, chest strap or balance board for balance training, then you have come to the right place.

Home Office Gym: Your path to healthy and productive work.

Are you still setting up your home office? Take our test now and have your home office gym set up.

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1. What is the best way to train my endurance at home?

2. Endurance training with SportPlus: Our training equipment at a glance

3. SportPlus: Your partner for ambitious home training!

Regular exercise and endurance training are becoming more and more important. Regular exercise - to improve endurance and fitness - is important for your health, especially if you work at a desk and move very little in everyday life. In everyday life, good intentions fail on the way to the gym or because of the weather.

But that's over now: With the fitness equipment from SportPlus, you can train your endurance at home!

1. What is the best way to train my endurance at home?

All sports that challenge the cardiovascular system can be described as endurance training. The classic trio is running, swimming and cycling. The best way to train your endurance at home is to use equipment such as cross trainers, step machines or rowing machines . How much time you have to plan for an endurance workout at home depends on your individual training status and your personal goals.

But the right equipment alone is not enough: In order to make progress as a beginner, you should train regularly. You will notice progress after a short time and can gradually increase the intensity of the training sessions.


Simply put, aerobic endurance is how long you can do a sporting activity at a low level of exertion. A characteristic of aerobic training is the fact that you do not consume more oxygen during the workout than you can take in on the side. You continue to breathe at roughly the same rhythm during and after the workout.


With anaerobic training you enter into what is known as an oxygen debt. You use more air than you can breathe in while exercising. Antioxidant processes are set in motion in your body to generate energy through glycolysis (the breakdown of carbohydrates).

At the same time, the pulse inevitably rises higher and higher. After training, you have to breathe in and out more heavily for a while to rebalance the oxygen balance.

In addition, you should keep in mind that your endurance also depends on which muscle groups you train. If many muscles are addressed at the same time, one speaks of general endurance. If you only train one muscle group or one movement, this is called local or specific endurance.

2. Endurance training with SportPlus: Our training equipment at a glance

With the training equipment from SportPlus, you can improve both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance. With most devices, the load can be controlled via various settings. At SportPlus you will also find the right training device.

2.1 Cross trainer

The cross trainer (or elliptical trainer) is a device that can be used to train the entire body. During the workout, walking or jogging is imitated - but it is easier on the joints than running on the street.

2.2 Fitness trampolines

On the fitness trampoline you can work up a sweat and train a large part of the muscle groups in the body with many different exercises. In addition, trampolines with rubber ropes as suspension are very easy on the joints.

2.3 exercise bike

The classic among home fitness devices is definitely the exercise bike . When you sit down, you mainly train your legs and also get your fat burning going. An exercise bike also fits into smaller spaces.

2.4 Recumbent Exercise Bike

With this variant of the exercise bike, you assume a backwards-leaning sitting position. This relieves the back and protects the joints even better. You mainly train your legs on the reclining exercise bike and also burn a lot of calories.

2.5 indoor cycle speed bikes

Training on an indoor cycle speed bike is even more realistic than training on an exercise bike. It almost feels like you're driving across the street. On the indoor bike you can also get your cardiovascular system going and lose a lot of calories.

2.6 Treadmills

Treadmills are the perfect alternative for anyone who enjoys jogging but doesn't necessarily want to leave the house. You can prepare yourself for a holistic fitness training that offers many customization options (speed and incline).

2.7 Rowing Machines

When training on the rowing machine , many muscle groups are addressed, which has a positive effect on calorie consumption. The training can be done while sitting and is suitable both to build up stamina and to strengthen the muscles.

2.8 Steppers

The stepper is designed to train the leg and buttock muscles. In addition to strengthening the muscles mentioned, you also work intensively on your condition. The very space-saving device can therefore be used for various training purposes.

2.9 Vibration Plates

The vibration plate is becoming more and more popular as a fitness device. The reason for this is its compactness and the numerous training options that are available. The muscles are optimally stimulated by the vibration when performing the exercises.

3. SportPlus: Your partner for ambitious home training!

SportPlus is the right partner for your endurance training at home. With our large selection of versatile training equipment, we offer you everything you need for successful endurance training at home.

We are proud of more than 20 years of experience in this field and are at your disposal with our competent and friendly service.

If you have any questions about the SportPlus product world, please contact us ! We look forward to your request.