Battle rope with a diameter of 3.8 cm

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size 9 m - yellow

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The Battle Rope SP-BR-009/012/015

Perfect for your endurance and strength training

Product information for SP-BR-009/012/015

Endurance + strength training: The swing rope is ideal for functional strength and endurance training. With the Battle Rope you can effectively train strength, coordination and endurance

Whole-body training: With the training rope, you not only improve your endurance, but also train a large part of your muscles such as chest, back, shoulders, upper arms, forearms and legs

Possible uses: The Battle Rope is also used for tug-of-war and by extreme athletes for jumping rope

rope length:

- approx. 9 meters (yellow)

- approx. 12 meters (red)

- approx. 15 meters (black)

Rope diameter: approx. 3.8 cm

Note: The swing rope is of high quality and robust, so it is relatively inflexible at the beginning and becomes more flexible from training to training. So you can enjoy the rope for a long time

Scope of delivery : 1x Battle Rope + user manual

Structure : very easy to do alone

Duration of construction : approx. 5min.

Delivery: Delivered in 1 package.

User manual (DE, EN, FR, IT, ES)

the ultimate boost for your core

Strengthen your core

Are you still looking for the perfect combination of strength and endurance training?

Then the Battle-Rope is the perfect solution for you!

The workout demands your entire body and at the same time strengthens your stabilization muscles in the stomach and hip area.

Train in HIIT (high-intensity interval training)

Break a sweat

The Battle Rope is ideal for HIIT (high-intensity interval training), which effectively trains your body after a short time.

And the best is:

While you train your sense of balance, your body coordination and endurance through exercises, you burn a lot of calories.

not convinced yet?

Interval training with Malte

In this video, Coach Malte shows you what an interval or "tabata" workout with the battle rope can look like.

Take a good look and try it out for yourself!