1. Different types of exercise bikes - you should know these differences

1. Differences between indoor cycling bike and exercise bike

2. Training with the indoor cycling bike

3. Buying an indoor cycling bike – what to look out for?

4. This is what distinguishes SportPlus Indoor Cycling Bikes

You are passionate cyclist and are looking for a way to improve your performance on the bike even in adverse conditions work?

Or are you just looking for the perfect exercise machine to burn calories, increase stamina and build strength at home? Then you should definitely consider purchasing an indoor cycling bike.

The professional indoor bicycles are clearly superior to a classic exercise bike in terms of functionality and offer more comfort and additional training opportunities. In the following, we will introduce you to the versatile bike trainers, provide tips for training and advise you on the most important purchase criteria.


Classic exercise bikes - which we also offer at SportPlus - are generally aimed at beginners who want to work on their basic endurance first. An indoor cycling bike is the right choice for anyone who wants to base their workout even more realistically on real cycling, train more comfortably and use additional training programs.

Most indoor bikes offer these advantages compared to exercise bikes:

more realistic feeling when pedaling (more centrifugal mass, better pedals, etc.)comfortable racing saddle or replaceable saddleadjustable handlebars different holders for the drinking bottle, more resistance levels and training programs Other devices are only equipped with computer control. Depending on how precise you want to train, you should make your choice.

2. Training with the indoor cycling bike - it's that effective!

How many calories you burn on the indoor cycle and which muscle groups are used how much depends on various factors. You can vary your indoor cycling training in different ways and thus make it more versatile:

Setting the resistanceLevel of cadenceType of training method2.1 Calorie consumption on the indoor fitness bike

You can do this similar to the exercise bike Use indoor cycle effectively to burn calories. Whether it's 400, 500 or 600 kcal per hour is always a question of training intensity. Basically, you should train a little longer to achieve the desired fat burning effect. At the highest level of exertion you will certainly consume more than 1000 kcal per hour. However, you can hardly keep up this intensity for more than a few minutes, which puts the effect into perspective again.

2.2 These muscle groups are used in indoor cycling

While you mainly train your thighs on the exercise bike, the load on the indoor cycle is a little distributed over the entire body. This is due to the more bent-over posture (similar to that on a road bike) that you adopt when you train.

To add variety to the workout and focus more on training the glutes, you can use the change from a sitting position to the so-called out-of-the-saddle position. As you do this, lift your buttocks off the seat and pedal in this position.Vary between this and the sitting position in order to train as holistically as possible

Our SportPlus indoor bikes are equipped with so-called baskets on the pedals. This ensures that you don't slip when pedaling out of the saddle and that you can hang yourself properly when pedaling in this position. Due to the adjustability of the handlebars, you can also take many other sitting positions to prevent one-sided loads.

3. Buy indoor cycling bike? You have to pay attention to this!

Before you decide to buy a specific model, you should first take a close look at the decisive criteria that are personally relevant to you. You should definitely pay attention to the following aspects in order to make the right choice:

Height and body weightSize of the deviceType of braking systemEquipment and range of functions3.1 Body height and weight

Indoor bikes are usually Home fitness equipment that is very resilient and can also be used by very tall or very heavy people. There is specific information for each model that provides information on the height and weight up to which the device can be used.

All of our indoor cycles can be used up to a height of 220 cm. The maximum body weight is between 130 kg and 150 kg. Just pay attention to the information in the product description on the product detail page. Our devices are designed for pedaling while sitting as well as out of the saddle. So you can train safely and comfortably on our fitness bikes at any time.

3.2 Size of the device

Indoor bikes are usually slightly larger than classic exercise bikes. In contrast to other home fitness equipment, they are still relatively space-saving. However, before you buy it, you should determine where the bike will later stand and measure whether the space you need is available in the desired location.

We have tried to design our indoor speed bikes to be as compact as possible. To give you more flexibility when setting up the training device, the SportPlus bikes are equipped with transport wheels. So you can quickly push the bike away if you need the space for something else.

3.3 Type of brake system

A key quality criterion for bicycle trainers is the type of braking system. A distinction can be made between wear-free, low-wear and wear-intensive braking systems that influence the volume and service life of the device.

Wear-intensive braking systems are e.g. band brakes that generate a lot of friction and thus after a certain time are worn out. If these cannot be replaced, the entire device must be disposed of. In addition, a loud noise can be heard during operation, which negatively affects comfort during use.

Wear-resistant brake systems last considerably longer and are significantly quieter in use Operation. Here, for example, the shoe brake system with low-wear brake shoes made of felt has established itself. This system is used on our Speedbike SP-SRP-2100-i and has already convinced many users.

Wear-free brake systems produce no friction and therefore cannot wear out mechanically. A more detailed distinction is made here between magnetic and electromagnetic braking systems. Both work on the principle that the flywheel in the device is braked by a magnet. The magnet is either adjusted mechanically or works with eddy current (also called induction brake).The latter technology is not only wear-free, but also particularly quiet We use it for our Speedracer SP-SRP-3000.

In addition to the quality of the brake system, the type also influences of the drive belt, the service life of the device and the noise level. The processing of the pedals and other moving components is also important. If the components are not well coordinated, this has a negative effect.

3.4 Equipment and range of functions

Ultimately, it's sometimes the details that that are decisive when deciding on a specific fitness bike. Our indoor cycles offer numerous features that make training even more comfortable and effective or make handling easier. The following criteria are desirable properties that we consider particularly important:

computer with a display that provides information about training data (e.g. calories, heart rate, etc.)preset training programs with different goalsparticularly safe pedals with loops/basketsheart rate measurement on the handlebars or heart rate measurement via chest strapfurther extras (app connection, holder for the drinking bottle, transport wheels, etc.)

A practical extra on our SportPlus indoor bikes is the function to store several user profiles (e.g. for roommates or family members) in the integrated training computer. In this way, different users can document their training progress and set up individual training programs.

4. This is what distinguishes SportPlus indoor cycling bikes

The indoor bikes we offer arehigh-quality, offer a large range of functions and are enormously comfortable. At the same time, the devices are characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio. If you are looking for a professional bicycle trainer for a demanding workout, you will find it with us. The SportPlus SP-SRP-3000 in particular stands out in this context.

In addition to the high quality of our devices, our outstanding service is also a real unique selling point. You can get help from us over the phone with any questions or other concerns you may have about our sports equipment. As absolute experts in home fitness with almost 20 years of experience, we can give you the best advice and support you with all kinds of problems. In addition, spare parts are available for almost all SportPlus equipment.

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