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Are you looking for the right accessories for your rowing machine? Whether floor protection mat, chest strap or balance board, we have something for you!

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Indoor Cycle Speedbike/ Ergometer mit Wirbelstrombremse SP-SRP-3000 & 3100 SportPlus
Kurzhantel mit 8 Gewichtsscheiben (insg. 15 kg) und 2 Sternverschlüsse SP-WS-015-V SportPlus

Dumbbell with 8 weight plates (total 15 kg) and 2 star locks

59,99 €

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Indoor Cycle Speedbike/ Ergometer mit Wirbelstrombremse SP-SRP-3000 & 3100 SportPlus Snow/Red (SP-SRP-3000)

Indoor cycle speed bike/ ergometer with eddy current brake

589,99 €

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SportPlus Sprossenwand »SP-SL-195« für Erwachsene & Kinder • Kletterwand aus Massivholz mit 10 Sprossen • Nutzergewicht 100kg SP-SL-195 SportPlus

SportPlus wall bars »SP-SL-195« for adults & children • Solid wood climbing wall with 10 rungs • User weight 100kg

149,99 €

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Power Rack für Squats, Bankdrücken, Klimmzüge mit verstellbaren Griffen für Dips & Liegestütze SP-HG-020 SportPlus Black/Sun

Power Rack for squats, bench press, pull ups with adjustable handles for dips & push ups

From 279,99 €

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The indoor cycling speed bike is the ideal ergometer for your endurance training

Are you a passionate cyclist and looking for a way to work on your performance on the bike even in adverse conditions?


Effective bike training for you at home

Or are you simply looking for the perfect training device to burn calories, increase your fitness and build strength at home? Then you should definitely look into purchasing an indoor cycling bike.

The professional indoor bikes are significantly superior to a classic exercise bike in terms of functionality and offer you more comfort and additional training options. We will introduce you to the versatile bike trainers below, give you tips for training and advise you on the most important purchasing criteria.


This is where the differences lie

Classic exercise bikes – which we also offer at SportPlus – are generally aimed at beginners who want to work on their basic endurance first. For you who want to base your workout more realistically on real cycling, train more comfortably and use additional training programs, an indoor cycling bike is the right choice.

Most indoor bikes offer these advantages compared to exercise bikes:

  • more realistic feeling when pedaling (more flywheel, better pedals, etc.)
  • comfortable racing saddle or replaceable saddle
  • adjustable handlebars with holder for your drinking bottle
  • more resistance levels and training programs

Just like with exercise bikes, there are also indoor bicycle models with wattage control (e.g. the SP-SRP-3000 with up to 500 watts of power ). Other devices are only equipped with computer control. Depending on how precisely you want to train, you should make your choice.

Indoor Cycling Bike – so effektiv ist es!

Wie viele Kalorien du auf dem Indoor Cycle verbrennst und welche Muskelgruppen wie stark beansprucht werden, hängt von verschiedenen Faktoren ab. Du kannst dein Indoor Cycling Training auf verschiedene Weisen variieren und dadurch vielseitiger gestalten:

  • Einstellung des Widerstands
  • Höhe der Trittfrequenz
  • Art der Trainingsmethode
Kalorienverbrauch auf dem Indoor Fitness Bike:

Ähnlich wie beim Heimtrainer kannst du auch das Indoor Cycle effektiv zum Verbrennen von Kalorien nutzen. Ob es jetzt 400, 500 oder 600 kcal pro Stunde werden, ist immer eine Frage der Trainingsintensität. Grundsätzlich gilt, dass du lieber etwas länger trainieren solltest, um den gewünschten Fatburn-Effekt zu erzielen. Auf der höchsten Belastungsstufe verbrauchst du mit Sicherheit mehr als 1000 kcal pro Stunde. Allerdings hältst du diese Intensität auch kaum länger als wenige Minuten durch, was den Effekt wieder relativiert.

Diese Muskelgruppen werden beim Indoor Cycling beansprucht:

Während du auf dem Heimtrainer hauptsächlich die Oberschenkel trainierst, ist die Belastung auf dem Indoor Cycle etwas mehr auf den gesamten Körper verteilt. Das liegt an der stärker nach vorne gebeugten Haltung (ähnlich wie auf einem Rennrad), die du beim Training einnimmst.
Um dein Workout abwechslungsreicher zu gestalten und den Fokus stärker auf das Training der Gesäßmuskulatur zu legen, kannst du von der sitzenden Position in den sogenannten Wiegetritt wechseln. Dabei hebst du dein Hinterteil vom Sitz und trittst in dieser Position. Variiere zwischen dieser unter der sitzenden Haltung, um so ganzheitlich wie möglich zu trainieren.
Unsere SportPlus Indoor Bikes sind an den Pedalen mit sogenannten Körben ausgestattet. So ist sichergestellt, dass du beim Wiegetritt nicht abrutschst und dich ordentlich reinhängen kannst, wenn du in dieser Position in die Pedale trittst. Durch die Verstellbarkeit des Lenkers kannst du zudem noch viele weitere Sitzpositionen einnehmen, um einseitige Belastungen zu verhindern.

Buy an indoor cycling bike?

You have to pay attention to this!

Before you decide to buy a specific model, you should first take a close look at the crucial criteria that are relevant to you personally. You should definitely pay attention to the following aspects in order to make the right choice:

  • Height & body weight
  • Size of the device
  • Type of braking system
  • Equipment and range of functions

Height & weight

Indoor bikes are usually home fitness devices that are very resilient and can also be used by very tall or very heavy people. For each model there is specific information that tells you up to what height and weight the device can be used.

Our indoor cycles can all be used up to a height of 220 cm. The maximum body weight is between 130 kg and 150 kg. Just pay attention to the information in the product description on the product detail page. Our devices are designed for both seated pedaling and rock-cradle pedaling. This means you can train safely and comfortably on our fitness bikes at any time.

Size of the device

Indoor bikes are usually slightly larger than classic exercise bikes. In contrast to other home fitness equipment, they are still relatively space-saving. Before purchasing, you should decide where the bike will be located and measure whether the necessary space is available in the desired location.

We tried to design our indoor speed bikes as compact as possible. To give you more flexibility when setting up the training device, the SportPlus bikes are equipped with transport wheels. This means you can quickly move the bike away if you need the space for something else.

Type of braking system

A key quality criterion for bicycle trainers is the type of braking system. A distinction can be made between wear-free, low-wear and wear-intensive braking systems that influence the volume and service life of the device.

Wear-intensive brake systems are, for example, band brakes, which generate a lot of friction and are therefore worn out after a certain period of time. If these cannot be replaced, the entire device must be disposed of. In addition, a loud noise can be heard during operation, which negatively affects the comfort of use.

Low-wear brake systems last significantly longer and are significantly quieter in operation. Here, for example, the shoe brake system with low-wear brake shoes made of felt has become established. This system is used in our Speedbike SP-SRP-2100-i and has already convinced many users.

Wear-free brake systems do not generate friction and therefore cannot wear out mechanically. A deeper distinction is made here between magnetic and electromagnetic braking systems. Both work on the principle that the flywheel in the device is braked by a magnet. The magnet is either adjusted mechanically or works with eddy current (also called induction brake). The latter technology is not only wear-free, but also particularly quiet. We use them for our speed racer SP-SRP-3000 .

In addition to the quality of the braking system, the type of drive belt also influences the lifespan of the device and the noise. The processing of the pedals and other moving components is also important. If the components are not well coordinated with one another, this has a disadvantageous effect.

Equipment and range of functions

Ultimately, it is sometimes the details that make the difference when deciding on a specific fitness bike. Our indoor cycles offer numerous features that make training even more comfortable and effective or make them easier to use. The following criteria are desirable characteristics that we consider to be particularly important:

  • Computer with display to show training data (calories, heart rate, etc.)
  • Training programs with different goals
  • Safety pedals with loops/baskets
  • Pulse measurement on the handlebars or via a chest strap
  • App connection and holder for the drinking bottle
  • Transport wheels for easy movement of the bike
  • Multiple user profiles in the training computer
  • Documentation of training progress and individual training programs for different users

This is what sets SportPlus Indoor Cycling Bikes apart

The indoor bikes we offer are of high quality, offer a wide range of functions and are extremely comfortable. At the same time, you are characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio. If you are looking for a professional bicycle trainer for a demanding workout, you will find it with us. The SportPlus SP-SRP-3000 particularly stands out in this context.

In addition to the high quality of our devices, our outstanding service is also a real unique selling point. You can get help from us over the phone with any questions or other concerns you may have about our sports equipment. As absolute experts in the home fitness sector with almost 20 years of experience, we can give you the best advice and support you with any kind of problem. Spare parts are also available for almost all SportPlus devices.