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The inversion bench for your back pain

Are you wondering how an inversion bench works? This special training device is about stretching your core muscles and spine, without any active movements on your part. We take a closer look at this special training method and explain the numerous advantages.

Who is an inversion bench suitable for?

If you sit a lot in everyday life or generally put one-sided strain on yourself and do little exercise, you are probably familiar with tension in the neck and back area. The inversion bench was developed precisely for this problem. You can relieve pain in these areas through regular overhead exercise.

You should use the overhead trainer several times a week and take 2-3 units of 15 minutes each. Although you only stay in the hanging position for a few minutes, you should slowly move into stretching and lie on the inversion bench for a while after training. Relax while using the device and enjoy the pleasant stretching feeling, which can have a positive effect on your body and mind.

Using an inversion bench has various effects and is said to offer a number of benefits:

  • Stretching the entire spine to prevent back problems
  • Stretching the core muscles for a positive stretching effect
  • Relaxation of the intervertebral discs, pelvic floor, gastrointestinal tract and diaphragm
  • Improved blood circulation in the head area to relieve headaches and have a positive influence on the psyche
  • Optimal blood circulation and oxygen supply to the hips, buttocks and legs after returning to the starting position

In some rare cases, you should consult your doctor before purchasing an inversion table, especially if you have problems with your brain, eyes, back (e.g. herniated disc), or knees. If in doubt, please clarify whether overhead training is recommended in your specific case.

What should you pay attention to when buying an inversion bench?

Your safety is the top priority when purchasing a gravity bench. Make sure the device is suitable for your height and weight. In addition, safety standards should be met, the cushions should be comfortable and the operation should be as easy as possible
be simple. This means you can practically rule out accidents or other problems during use.

In order to slowly get to the right level of stress, the inversion bench should have adjustable inclination angles. It's best for beginners to start with an angle of 20°. Advanced users can train almost vertically (with an angle of inclination of around 90°).

Also consider the space available in your home when purchasing an inversion bench. You need enough space to set up the device. Models that can be folded up after use and therefore take up little space when not in use are particularly practical.

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SportPlus inversion bench

The inversion benches we offer meet all of the purchase criteria mentioned. They are safely constructed, easy to use and, with their various adjustment angles, are also a good choice for beginners. The lying surface is also comfortably padded to make training as comfortable as possible.

Our gravity trainers can also be folded up to save space and are then only around 30 cm high. If you have a high enough bed, you can even slide the device underneath. In any case, you can store the inversion bench in a much more space-saving manner than non-folding models.