Get rid of Christmas kilos: Sporty in the new year

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Get rid of Christmas kilos

How to get rid of those stubborn Christmas pounds!

In the Christmas season you certainly feasted and nibbled properly. The receipt was on the scales. Of course, it's no drama, but December, with its temptations, isn't necessarily the best month to get closer to your goal weight.

January is more suitable for this. Because you've definitely made some good resolutions for the new year - maybe one of them also affects your sporting activity ? Ideally, you don't just do the whole thing in the first few weeks of the new year, but also stay active in 2021. .

As a small motivational aid, we will show you how you can use small tricks to lose your Christmas kilos without having to restrict yourself too much. This way, the weight loss program doesn't become a burden and you can see progress quickly.

Find your new comfort zone Tip 1

You may have often heard that you should finally “get out of your comfort zone”. But from a purely biological point of view, this is totally nonsensical and therefore your brain will rebel against it too. It's much more about creating a new comfort zone, so that, for example, exercise isn't seen as something unpleasant, but instead is fun.

Don't force yourself to do things that make you feel bad, just try something new and see how it affects you. For example, you could go for a 10-minute walk in the morning before breakfast. You quickly collect a few hundred steps and get your mind going.

Do not offset sport and nutrition against each other Tip 2

Maybe you've argued, "Okay. I'll eat a candy bar now, but I'll do sports later." You shouldn't do this if you want to lose a few pounds. Maybe something else comes up that prevents you from doing sports. Or you miscalculated your calories.

It is best if you both exercise and fine-tune your diet. If you eat enough and a variety of foods, you provide your body with all the important nutrients it needs. This is also necessary for you to be able to perform at all.

Find a sporting hobby Tip 3

Due to the fact that many sports offers cannot be practiced in the current situation, a certain lack of exercise has crept in among some people. You should therefore look for a (different) sporting hobby that you can practice regardless of the applicable restrictions. One possibility is, for example, the games "Pokémon Go" or "Wizards Unite", where you have to walk in the real world to make progress.

If you don't feel like playing virtual pocket monsters or magic, you can also try dancing. Have you always wanted to learn how to properly dance the shuffle? Then watch some YouTube tutorials and get started! It will be a while before the next disco visit...

Don't overstate the scale tip 4

Yes. We said that here you will get tips on how to lose those Christmas kilos. However, it may be that you burn fat properly, but the progress is not directly reflected on the scales. Your weight fluctuates throughout the day and is largely dependent on what you've eaten. If you drink 1 liter of water, you weigh about 1 kilogram more. But that doesn't matter for the calorie balance.

Therefore, you should not use your scale as the only indicator. You can determine whether you have already lost weight by looking at your waist circumference, for example. Alternatively, you can do without arithmetic games entirely and just pay attention to the visual features. Besides, at the end of the day, it's all about making you feel good.

Drink more & lose weight automatically Tip 5

As already mentioned, water is calorie neutral and therefore does not affect your weight in the long term. It just gets excreted. However, you can actually lose weight by drinking water. How should it work?

In any case, don't believe the rumor that drinking ice water will crank up your calorie intake. This is nonsense. Instead, it's about drinking enough fluids throughout the day to avoid cravings. If the stomach is always a bit full, you are better protected against it.

We wish you a successful and sporty 2021!

So you see: It is not necessary to radically change your lifestyle so that you can tackle your Christmas kilos. If you hit hard on a new fitness and nutrition plan, you can lose a lot, but you also have to stick to it consistently. Otherwise the well-known yo-yo effect threatens and you end up gaining weight again.

It is better if you make your everyday life a little more active and consciously pay attention to your diet. Above all, we at SportPlus help you to successfully tackle the sporting side. Our wide range is sure to have the right fitness equipment and gadgets ready for you.

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