Motivation im Herbst

Fall motivation

Our tips: How to stay motivated in bad weather!

When it gets grayer outside again and the cold slowly wakes us up in the morning more reliably than coffee, then autumn is just around the corner. Just a few weeks ago the sun was pampering us and now we have to deal with the bad weather that will accompany us in the near future.

In Hamburg – where we at SportPlus are based – there is a saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothing!”. But we'll be honest: When it rains outside again and it's not only cold but also pitch black at the end of the day, we find it difficult to be really motivated to squeeze in a sports session.

That's why we sat down as a team and discussed which life hacks you can use to beat your inner weaker self in the fall and still remain physically active. There are sure to be tips that you can implement straight away!

"Small goals,
big impact"

– Merle’s tip –

If I feel like I'm losing motivation in the fall, I always set myself smaller interim goals that are easier to achieve. Instead of going for a run every other day, I'm now happy if I take 20 minutes twice a week and work on my fitness at home. This is definitely better than doing nothing at all and doesn't seem as demoralizing if you can't maintain your workload from the summer.

“Find one
training buddy"

– Timm’s tip –

In summer you can also enjoy the sport all by yourself. A long run in the sunshine on the Elbe – I could do that every day! But in the fall I'll look for a buddy to help me train. Together we encourage each other and both pursue the same goal: to get through the fall and winter fit. You can find such a buddy in your circle of friends, find them in the gym or even discover them on Facebook.

“The reward in mind”

– Jörg’s tip –

When I don't feel like exercising at all, I try to reorganize my thoughts and start dreaming about how I'll reward myself after a strenuous session. I think about the warm shower, the nice feeling of having done something and sometimes even about the delicious food that I will treat myself to after training. So I'm literally inspired and in a good mood the whole time!

“Do more indoors instead of looking for excuses outside”

– Sophie’s tip –

I always find myself using bad weather as an excuse to avoid exercising. That's okay in summer. Maybe one in ten units fails for this reason. But in the fall and winter, this behavior would mean that I would hardly be able to exercise anymore. So from October 1st I'm officially moving my sporting activities indoors and, in a sense, ringing in the winter season. Then I'll get mine foldable fitness equipment from the storage room and instead of jogging I just row in my own four walls.

"Ignore doubts and just go for it"

– Léon’s tip –

As the proud owner of a small dog, I have to go out the door in all weathers to give Brutus (that's my dog's name) the exercise he needs. Of course, with falling temperatures and increasing amounts of precipitation, this takes some effort. But what I've discovered is that it's never as bad as you imagine. Instead, when we return from the round we feel totally liberated and have the strength to do new things again.

"There's always time for some exercise"

– Clara’s tip –

Sometimes you think you just don't have time for exercise (when in reality it's just too uncomfortable). If you have a Fitness equipment at home In principle, you only have to put on your sports clothes once and you can always quickly put a unit in instead of sitting on the sofa or waiting for the food to be ready in the oven. We waste several minutes every day that could be used more sensibly. My tip for this is the new one Air Bike from SportPlus, which I am the first employee to have at home. Here, just 5-10 minutes are enough to really work off your energy.

Air Bike Pro with natural resistance

Featured img

Do you also have a tip?

Now it's your turn! We would like to hear how you can motivate yourself in this bad weather and what tips you can provide. Maybe you already own one SportPlus fitness equipment and uses it to get to your place regardless of the weather Endurance to work.

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