Power Rack for squats, bench press, pull ups with adjustable handles for dips & push ups

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The Power Rack multi-gym SP-HG-020

If you want to intensify your strength training and build your muscles, a power rack is a great choice. With a power rack you can perform many different exercises, such as bench presses, deadlifts and pull-ups.


Back training: pull-up station with different grip options

Triceps training: Height-adjustable handles for dips

Chest training: Height-adjustable handles for push-ups

Leg training: possible in combination with additional equipment (barbell and weights).

Comprehensive strength training: With a training bench, dumbbell bar and weights, comprehensive strength training (chest, shoulders, stomach, legs, back, arms) is possible

Assembly dimensions: approx. 136x120x210 cm (LxWxH)

Height of the basic security: approx. 39cm

Height of the 1st hole: approx. 50cm

Length between front and rear bar: approx. 67cm

Total weight of the multi-gym: approx. 87 kg

Standard: Tested according to EN ISO 20957-1 and EN 957-2

Pull-up station: max. 120 kg

Handles for dips: max. 120 kg

Push-up handles: max. 120 kg

Height-adjustable longitudinal bars : max. 250 kg

Height adjustable pins: max. 250 kg

Safety: Mechanical and chemical safety has been tested according to applicable standards

Settings: The individual training tools (dip handles, push-up handles and barbell station) can be individually adjusted due to the numerous perforations

Material: Solid & stable tubular steel construction

Special features: No ground anchoring required

Scope of delivery: Power Rack (framework) + 2x dip handle or push-up handle + 2x squat protection longitudinal bar + operating instructions

Note: weight plates, barbell bar and weight bench are not included

User manual for download (DE, GB, FR, ES, IT)

Height adjustable handles for

Push-ups, abdominal and triceps training

The height-adjustable handles can be used in a variety of ways. Due to the numerous holes, they can be individually adjusted and used for different muscle groups. Dips for triceps training, push-ups for chest & arm training and also for numerous abs workouts.

Pull-up station for

Back & arm training

The pull-up station with different grip options gives you the best conditions for perfect arm and back training. Thanks to the solid and stable tubular steel construction, the power rack is ideal for your strength training

The bench press mainly trains the chest muscles (pectoralis muscle), the shoulder muscles (deltoideus muscle) and the triceps (triceps brachii muscle).

When deadlifting, the gluteus muscles (gluteus maximus muscle), the hamstrings (quadriceps femoris muscle) and the back (erector spinae muscle) are particularly stressed.

Pull-ups mainly train the back muscles (latissimus dorsi muscle) and the biceps (biceps brachii muscle).

Thanks to the safety bars and anti-tip design, a power rack is particularly safe and allows you to lift heavy weights without the need for a spotter.

Height adjustable pins for

Bench press and squats

In combination with a training bench and barbell, the power rack is a top basis for your leg training and bench press to strengthen your chest muscles. The pins can hold up to 250 kg. You do not need any ground anchoring for the power station

The perfect all-rounder for

a complete strength training session

Versatile and variable. In the Power Rack you can let your fantasies run wild. Whether squats, bench presses, deadlifts, shoulder presses, lunges, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, you can perfectly coordinate your strength training and train every muscle.