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Which air bike is right for you?

You are looking for a CrossFit machine where you can really work out. Then the Air Bike is perfect for you. Do you have other intentions, then take our test and find out which device is best for you?

To test

Suitable accessories for the Air Bike?

Are you looking for the right accessories for your air bike? Whether floor protection mat, chest strap or balance board, we have something for you!

For accessories
Liegeheimtrainer mit App-Steuerung & 9 kg Schwungmasse SP-RB-9900-iE SportPlus

Recumbent exercise bike with app control & 9 kg flywheel mass

549,99 €

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Air Bike Pro mit natürlichem Widerstand & App-Kompatibilität SP-FB-2100-iE SportPlus Black/Sun

Air Bike Pro with natural resistance & app compatibility

499,99 €

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Heimtrainer mit App-Steuerung bis 225W SP-HT-9600-iE SportPlus

Exercise bike with app control up to 225W

499,99 €

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The air bike for your functional training

Modern training with air resistance - ideal for CrossFit training

You've probably heard of the Air Bike, it's become very popular, especially as part of CrossFit training. But purchasing this modern fitness equipment is also worthwhile for you at home. After all, with the air bike you train different muscle groups at the same time and can therefore pursue different training goals. I would now like to introduce you to the air bike category, compare it with other fitness equipment and explain to you what you should pay attention to when buying.

What is an Air Bike?

At first glance, an air bike (also called a fan bike) looks like a mixture of a cross trainer and an exercise bike. You will immediately notice the large wind turbine in the front area, which gives this device its name.

The air bike is powered equally by the handles and the pedals. So you can use different muscles to get the wheel moving. In contrast to the cross trainer, however, your arms don't just swing loosely, you have to put in a lot of effort.

By the way: Most air bikes allow you to train either only with your arms or only with your legs. This means you can fully concentrate on your training goal.


What is special about the big wind turbine?

The innovative wind turbine is the highlight of the Air Bike. During training, it rotates, creating air resistance that increases as training intensity increases.

This means: the more intensively you train, the higher the resistance automatically adjusts. So if you really want to work out, you don't have to constantly adjust the resistance manually, you can simply go full throttle. This makes your training even more efficient and challenging.

Tip: The SportPlus SP-FB-1000 also allows fine adjustment of the resistance using a manual system. With the SP-FB-2000 you can even train continuously to your limits.

Training with the air bike

How intense is it?

With the Air Bike you can achieve different training goals
to reach:

  • weight loss
  • Building basic endurance
  • Cardio training
  • Strength training

If you want to lose weight or improve your endurance, you benefit from the whole-body effect, which challenges the entire body and stimulates your cells to burn calories. However, it is advisable not to train too hard and to choose a steady pace that you can sustain for 40-60 minutes.

Most people prefer to train with the air bike in the upper heart rate range and give their all for shorter, more intense phases (approx. 10-20 minutes). You may burn fewer calories during exercise, but your body will continue to use energy for a while afterwards. This type of workout is also the perfect cardio training.

A special feature of the air bike is the ability to train your strength. Even the highest resistance levels of rowing machines, exercise bikes and similar devices cannot achieve the intensity that you can generate on the air bike. If you want to increase your strength, you should go full for a few minutes
Work out, then take a break and start a new set.

Air Bike Kaufberatung: Woran musst du denken?

Bevor du dir ein Air Bike kaufst, solltest du auf einige Kriterien achten:

  • Deine Größe und dein Gewicht
  • Gerätemaße
  • Funktionen des Geräts
Jedes Gerät hat eine bestimmte Maximallast und ist auf eine maximale Körpergröße ausgelegt. Vor dem Kauf solltest du sicherstellen, dass du das Air Bike verwenden kannst. Besonders wichtig ist, dass du die Sitzposition einstellen kannst, um eine korrekte Haltung einzunehmen.

Neben deinen Körpermaßen sind auch die Abmessungen des Geräts entscheidend. Schließlich möchtest du das Air Bike in deinem Zuhause platzieren, daher solltest du prüfen, ob du genügend Raum dafür hast. Praktisch sind Geräte mit Transportrollen, die es dir ermöglichen, das Gerät nach dem Training einfach wegzuschieben.

Natürlich sind die Funktionen des Geräts ebenfalls wichtig.
Ein gutes Air Bike sollte folgende Features bieten:

  • Bequemer Sattel (verstellbare Sitzhöhe)
  • Sichere Pedale (idealerweise mit Schlaufen)
  • Display mit Trainingsdaten
  • Optional: Fußablage
Kleine Extras wie zum Beispiel ein Tablet- oder Trinkflaschenhalter können die Liste der Kaufkriterien ergänzen. Vor allem ist jedoch wichtig, dass das Gerät gut verarbeitet ist und du in der richtigen Position darauf sitzen kannst.

This is what sets SportPlus Air Bikes apart

We at SportPlus have developed two different air bikes, both of which are of high quality and are ideal for your regular training at home. After your workout, you can easily move the device out of sight thanks to the integrated transport wheels.

With our air bikes you can really work out and achieve your training goals. Our entry-level model ( SP-FB-1000 ) impresses with an excellent price-performance ratio and offers the perfect introduction to air resistance training.

Our Pro Air Bike (SP-FB-2000) offers an even greater range of functions and is aimed at anyone who wants to take the next step and make their home training as effective and efficient as possible.