Escape gravity for once

Back problems plague your everyday life?

Then read on now.

The inversion table was designed with the idea of ​​relieving your spine and thus stimulating your blood circulation.

Within Seconds you relieve your entire body and at the same time promote your health.

Once you have gotten used to it, it is almost impossible to imagine life without it.

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SportPlus inversion table

Das Balanceboard

A real balancing act

Deciding between endurance and weight training is not always easy.

We often forget that each type of sport has its own advantages.

With a balance board you don't have to compromise on your health from now on.

Adapt your training to your goals and achieve more with SportPlus at your side!

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The health duo

do something good for your body

Joint problems plague your everyday life?

Many do not know that preparation and follow-up work are at least as important for a healthy lifestyle as the training itself.

We at SportPlus do everything we can to ensure that you get the best possible equipment for a healthy lifestyle.

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The fitness trampoline

the leap into your new happiness

Beginner-friendly workouts are on your wish list?

Then the fitness trampoline will definitely not disappoint you.

Design your training according to your wishes and benefit from the countless possibilities of a trampoline.

No matter whether easy or difficult, the limits only exist in your head.

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