Fitness equipment for seniors: which equipment is suitable for older people?

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Fitness equipment for seniors

With increasing age, physical complaints become more common. Pain during movement can often be traced back to one-sided activities and too little sport in everyday life. If you don't act correctly now, you have to reckon with further restrictions and thus promote diseases such as arthrosis. Back problems also intensify with too little movement.

It is all the more important, especially for seniors, to stay fit in everyday life. In this way, they can do the most important activities such as going to the doctor and the supermarket without outside help and remain independent for a long time. As a senior, do you want to get started right away and strengthen your body again? But be careful: If you don't do sports for a long time, you have to pay attention to a few things.

Apart from that, you should get the right fitness equipment to optimize your physical abilities. Not every piece of fitness equipment makes sense for seniors. It is also important to determine the right training plans. This is the only way your body can benefit from the sporting units. If, on the other hand, you expect too much of him, subsequent problems are inevitable. Find out here what is best for you.

Important basic considerations before buying

There is now a large selection of interesting fitness equipment. However, not all are suitable for older people. If you are older, signs of wear and tear in the joints are typical. If you have had an active life in the truest sense of the word, you will be more flexible. However, your joints have still been affected.

So do seniors who have never exercised. The joints are probably not as flexible anymore. After a while, pain during simple activities becomes part of everyday life. Your new fitness equipment should therefore - regardless of your lifestyle - be very easy on the joints.

So stay away from devices where the load is mostly on your knees. This includes, for example, the treadmill. Fitness equipment that simulates climbing stairs is also unsuitable for you as you get older.

An exercise bike, on the other hand, is an excellent choice. Many devices explicitly protect the joints and have different levels of difficulty. In this way, the intensity of the training can be adapted to your own fitness level.

Also make sure that certain safety factors are attached and observed. If you fall at an older age, it can have serious consequences. Any grab handles and a secure footing or seat are essential.

The cross trainer – easy on the joints and individually adjustable

The cross trainer is ideal for seniors who want regular endurance training without putting too much strain on their joints. In contrast to the treadmill, the feet are constantly in contact with the pedals. The movement is easy on the knee and the speed can be adjusted.

Although the cross trainers do not have a seat, they still allow a stable hold. This is ensured by the vertical bars, which guarantee a harmonious movement of arms and legs.

With the stride length, the device must be adjusted so that the length does not exceed about 45 cm. Regarding the step width, which measures the distance between the two pedals, it is important to set a maximum of 20 cm. This creates a healthy gait pattern. Your body will thank you!

Another advantage of the cross trainer is its flywheel mass. When choosing the right device, you should make sure that it has a flywheel mass of at least 15 kg. The flywheel mass is important to enable continuous movement. Devices with a lower centrifugal mass do not produce a uniform movement.

Important: If you decide to use a cross trainer, you should not look down while using it. Watching TV, on the other hand, is wonderfully possible as a parallel activity.

The recumbent exercise bike offers the perfect solution for relaxed training

Do you already suffer from back problems and are you looking for a good alternative to the cross trainer? Then take a look at the recumbent or recumbent ergometer . These will help you not to overload yourself. Sitting and reclining ergometers are used to build up the leg muscles, but also address other muscle groups. You can also permanently strengthen your heart and circulation. However, if you already have an illness, find out whether and how often the training is suitable for you.

Many seniors have problems with their neck and shoulder muscles. These tensions stem from predominantly sedentary activities where the body is bent forward. The posture on the recumbent exercise bike counteracts this and therefore represents the ideal balance.

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